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Stem cells in skin care: explained!


 Hey there! Several of you have gotten your hands on our latest "age specialist" skin care range: Bright Years. One of the key active ingredients in this potent line of products is "plant stem cell extracts". What are stem cells, what are they useful for, and are there any side effects of using them? We love simplifying science for you, and this post is just that - the simple science of plant stem cells!


What are stem cells?

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All living beings begin their life as a single cell, but as adults, become a wonderfully complex assembly of various types of cells. This "magical" transformation is thanks to stem cells. Stem cells are a special type of cells that can keep multiplying, AND differentiating into other types of cells. Think of them as the ancestors of all other types of cells in the body.


Where are they found?

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Stem cells are found in all living beings, including plants. And in all parts of our body.


So there are stem cells in our skin, too?

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Yes. As we know, our skin is in a perpetual, rapid cycle of shedding dead cells, with new cells taking their place. These new cells are formed from epidermal stem cells, which generate these new cells, and also replace damaged tissue.

With age, skin stem cells become fewer in number and less active. Thus, we see the visible signs of ageing on skin: dull skin, wrinkles, etc.

Oh. Is there anything that can be done about this “slowing down”?

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That's really what we call the "pro-skin" approach to ageing. We can find ways to keep our skin stem cells at their active best as age progresses. For example, what we've done with the "Bright Years" range is to find plant stem cells (derived from a Swiss Green Apple species) that, when infused into skin, help rejuvenate the skin's own stem cells. As a result, the skin's natural capacity to renew itself improves significantly!


Whoa! Sounds like sci-fi. Is it safe?

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Yes it is totally safe (and vegan, of course). Because we are using completely natural extracts of plant stem cells, which contain those factors that help the skin's stem cells perform better. Imagine a potent natural tonic, given to the most potent cells in the skin! As a result, the skin's ability to renew itself increases - from within!


Hmm. Does it really work?

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Yes. We have accessed tons of research to prove that it does. The only caveat: it takes time to get working. Remember, it takes 28 days for one cycle of skin cell growth to complete.

Hope you found that stem cell 101 useful. Confused by something else that science is throwing at you? Give us a shout and we'll simplify it for you! Until we meet again - cheers, be good!

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