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What makes our age-specialists ‘special’ ?

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“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”
― Audrey Hepburn

And we are just here to support you along the way by giving some extra love and care to your skin. Never anti-ageing, always pro-skin!
However, as you grow older, the needs of your skin change. It loses its moisture retention ability, that means making some adjustments to your skin care routine.

When looking for age-specialist products, here are some ingredients that are an absolute MUST.

Hyaluronic acid:

Concern: Dry & dull skin

Concern: Dry & dull skin

What HA does?
Hyaluronic acid is a molecule made up of sugars that our bodies naturally produce. Hyaluronic acid owes its powers to its water-loving properties. When you use an HA serum you’re not only helping to restore your skin’s natural hyaluronic acid but also keeping your skin better moisturized, which helps keep skin tight, supple and diminishes the appearance of fine lines

Plant stem cells:

Concern: Fine lines and damaged skin

Concern: Fine lines & damaged skin

What stem cells do?
Stem cells derived from plants help rejuvenate the skin's own stem cells, leading to improved skin health and suppleness. Plant stem cells show outstanding properties that stimulate skin regeneration. Free radicals cause damage to the skin’s cells. Plant stem cells help in removing the excess of free radicals to protect skin from damage

Amino acids:

Concern: Flaccid skin & wrinkles

Concern: flaccid skin & wrinkles

What amino acids do?
Amino acids are indispensable for healthy skin. They are the building blocks of proteins and each amino acid performs a specific function in skin care. They help skin to replenish lost moisture by increasing its ability to store water. This allows the skin to become taut and have a smooth, fresh and wrinkle-free appearance.

Age specialists cheat sheet!

Here are some age-specialists that contain all of the above ingredients and many more, to fight concerns like pigmentation & uneven skin texture.

 Plum Youthful Radiance Duo

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