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Does wearing makeup everyday cause acne? And 3 other questions on everyday makeup.

Hey there,

Who doesn't love makeup? If there is one wish every makeup-lover wants fulfilled, it's to wear makeup without worrying about her skin! Some of us are in professions where wearing makeup everyday is a necessity. And as for the rest of us, let's just admit it, makeup makes us happy!

A common concern that we've come across however is, does wearing makeup regularly cause acne?

Today we answer this much-asked question - along with 3 other questions related to everyday makeup. So without further delay, let’s start.

1. Does wearing makeup everyday cause acne? If so, how can I prevent acne?

Wearing makeup everyday can aggravate acne in some cases. There could be two chief causes for this:

  1. Your makeup is comedogenic:Comedogenic ingredients (what is comedogenic?) clog pores and widely cause blackheads and breakouts.
  2. You are allergic to a particular ingredient:If you have sensitive skin or acne prone skin, it is always advisable that you know what is in your makeup & ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

But remember: it’s not just makeup that causes acne. There are a lot of other factors like diet, weather conditions, exposure to new products, hormonal reasons etc. If you aren't sure if your makeup is causing the acne, go bare or without make-up for a few days. You will find out if makeup is the culprit!

2. How can I minimize breakouts while using makeup?

Some really simple habits can go a long way in helping you prevent acne caused by makeup:

  • Never sleep with makeup on. Use a gentle cleansing lotion to wipe down the makeup and grime before you hit the bed. (What's the right way to use a cleanser?)
  • For acne prone skin, gentle scrubs and mild cleansers work best- never skip this step!
  • Once you remove all your make-up, apply an acne treatment/spot correction ointment or medication (if you are using any)
  • Clean all applicators, makeup brushes and beauty blenders frequently. Ideally they should be cleaned every day. Use makeup brush cleaning oils or solutions for best results.
  • Choose powder-based products instead of liquids. Powders are lighter on your skin, soak up excess oil and don’t clog pores as much as liquids do.
  • Lastly, avoid makeup whenever possible. Your skin also needs ‘me time’. Let it breathe.

3. How can I incorporate skin care in my daily makeup regime?

Here are some easy ways to incorporate skincare in your makeup regime:

  • When you pick a compact powder, pick one with SPF. You know how important sun protection is! (Read: Top sunscreen questions answered).
  • Moisturize your skin well before applying foundation
  • Look out for ingredients like Vitamin E in your lipstick that provide essential nourishment in all seasons.
  • Use a toner or rose water after removing makeup to tighten your pores.

4. Can sleeping with makeup damage my skin?

YES! While sleeping with makeup once in a while will not cause serious damage, doing so over a prolonged period of time is almost certain to cause harm. Make-up clogs your pores. Besides, stale makeup is also a breeding ground for bacteria. Both the above are leading causes of acne. The simplest (and most rewarding) skin care routine is to develop the habit of cleansing your face before you sleep - and cleanse well! Read more on how to get a perfect cleanse here.

That's all for today! If you have any more questions on everyday skin care or makeup, write to us & we'll try & answer them in our future posts.

Until next time!

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