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Understanding 'skin food for every mood'

Understanding 'skin food for every mood'

The multi-face masking trend, the 6 step skincare routines, and the AM/PM regimes, restate that skincare has expanded beyond basics. Picking up a product according to one’s skin type is the first step in the process, but a majority of our buying decisions today are based on our skin’s mood. Yes, you heard us right! Just like us, even our skin experiences varied moods, however, they change depending on the season, our age and even our hormones. Winter dryness, oily summer skin, pigmentation by the harsh sun and active acne due to hormonal changes are just a few to name.

Therefore, besides knowing your skin types, it’s important to understand skin moods as your current skincare regime might not be the solution to your skin’s issues. So, it’s time to closely look under the blanket of skin types and explore the depth of skin moods- their root cause, the impact, and the resolution.

Dehydrated skin

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It’s a misconception that dry and dehydrated skin means the same thing. Dry skin occurs due to lack of natural oils whereas dehydrated skin is caused due to lack of water content in your body. This could be because of factors like the weather and your diet. So, while the first solution would be to reassess your diet and drinking habits, you could compliment them through the following solutions;

  1. Face mists are a perfect solution for instant hydration and even better if they are loaded with ingredients that can help you soothe your skin and fight any kind of skin damage.
  2. An antioxidant-rich moisturizer along with hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other nourishing oils, can help in skin rejuvenation throughout the day
  3. Use gentle face scrubs and face washes that don’t leave your skin dry and tight.
  4. Use toners, night gels, serums that contain skin restorative ingredients and rehydrate the skin without clogging any pores.

Sun damage

Plum Sunscreens

Sun exposure is one of the major reasons for pre-mature skin aging. It also leads to uneven skin tone, discoloration, dullness and irritated skin. Here, skin repair needs utmost care, by the right treatment and protection from future damage:

  1. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, whether it’s raining or cloudy, use an SPF and reapply it at intervals to make sure you are protected at all times. Sunscreens with ingredients like licorice, chamomile, white tea and aloe vera, can help with uneven skin tone and provide hydration. Use a similar body lotion SPF too.
  2. Lips are the first body part to get sun damaged and a lip balm with SPF will go a long way
  3. Use exfoliating face masks rich in antioxidants for deep cleansing and calming the sun exposed skin


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While most prevalent for oily skins, we all have been weighed down by acne at some point in our lives. Acne is a result of clogged pores that trap the skin’s oil, breed bacteria and cause inflammation. And we all know they spread like wildfire! The use of light weight products is the key to solving this issue.

  1. Make sure that your CTM routine comprises all the products that can work in conjunction to solve the problem. Non-greasy products that can exfoliate, unclog pores, prevent acne, and control sebum production while providing balanced hydration, are a must
  2. Experts suggest perfecting your diet and taking supplements can help in important cell growth and hormone production to combat acne
  3. Spot treatment is another powerful tool to fight acne. It is a faster and effective healing process that works well on active acne, acne scars and blemishes
  4. Most importantly, make sure your night routine comprises a gel-based night cream to provide balanced hydration and prepare skin for self-renewal


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Pigmentation, whether hyper or in the form of brown spots (not freckles), is caused due to changes in melanin levels in our body - the natural pigment which gives our hair and skin a unique colour. More melanin means darker skin/hair colour. But other factors that trigger increased melanin production include sun exposure and even hormonal changes. However, it’s resolvable.

  1. Pigmentation or not, SPF will stay important throughout your skincare routine and if enriched with the goodness of licorice, it can effectively fight pigmentation and calm the sun exposed skin
  2. Serums are a blessing in disguise that can accelerate the recovery process. Look out for the ones that contain vitamin C, niacinamide, licorice, white willow bark, or similar ingredients that help in fighting pigmentation, exfoliating the skin and maintaining an even skin tone. Top it up with Vitamin E for protection and moisturization
  3. Besides using antioxidant rich products, taking prescribed supplements like Vitamin C, glutathione and other amino acids can help in creating a balancing diet/regime.

Skin moods

However, it is essential to keep a weekly tab on your skin’s health and alter your skincare regimen or products accordingly.

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