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Quick DIY ways to upscale your empty jar

We know how much you all love stocking up the plums but what do you craft-y folks do with those empties later?

Keeping empty jars handy because you think ‘one day I will find its purpose’ is a habit well built but we will give you enough inspiration to find its purpose today !

Tools you will need :

Adhesive, paint, sketch pens , sparkle, lace, your favorite empties and a jar of enthusiasm

Your box of jewels and essentials

For this you can pick any flat round jar (plastic or glass), remove the label (or not) and clean it nicely. Apply glue to the sides of the jar and cover it with lace or you can even get artsy and paint. Voila ! We have used our ever so favorite E-Luminence cutie

You can use the E-luminence deep moisturizer creme jar to reserve all your makeup essentials like cotton pads so that you don't have to hunt for them during exigency.

Goodness inside

If you believe in plant therapy, this one’s for you. You can pick any round deep hair mask or any jar for this. Idea is to fill it with general purpose garden potting soil. Don't forget to create a small hole at the bottom for the excess water to flow out. Plant a small succulent plant and ensure the roots are immersed well with the soil. If you dont wish to plant a real one you can even get a  artificial one and decorate your home office :D We have used our mega moisturising hair mask for this.

Load up

You can even use the jar to store your favorite mid-day snacks or if you are like us you can use it to create your own compost at home!

All you need to do is keep all fruit and vegetable peels/ kitchen waste stacked in your jar and furnish it to your plants when it becomes dark and smells like earth. You can add twigs / soil to enhance the power!

Light up

You can fill the finished mist and toner bottles with mini fairy lights, add lace and sparkles on the outside and your mini lamp is ready. 

(Any toner or mist bottle will work here)

You can use our glass jars as your own homestyle diyas!

Pro tip. This is the best hack to game up your diwali decorations 

We believe what's good for you, should also be good for nature.  If you don't have this creative streak in you, remember, you can always send us back your empties!

If you have more ideas to reuse empties, be a cutie and share them with us.

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