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Super easy aloe vera gel beauty hacks

We know by now you are a ‘skintellectual’ and hence bombarding you with benefits for this evergreen perennial (cue: aloe) may seem trite at the moment. Aloe vera, supremely rich in antioxidants and vitamins delivers myriad benefits like protection against harmful UV rays, skin hydration, acne reduction and for your tresses it is known to provide nourishment and will help reduce the greasy feeling on your scalp.

But why sit back and read when you can actually reap the benefits with the help of some easy peasy hacks that we have pulled together for your everyday use. This stemless succulent that can grow literally everywhere is famously used as a topical agent and in the form of gels, skin lotions, and ointments in consumer products. The aloe gel can take up multiple roles in your skincare and haircare regime while giving its best performances in all. 

As a primer:

Want to even out your complexion, add a base so that your makeup stays put? Yes please!

Add a thin layer of aloe vera gel directly onto your face before makeup application.  This will help fill in your pores. Don't forget to apply it on your neck too. 

As a skin soothing specialist

You can apply this cooling gel on your body to soothe any skin irritation or redness. A small amount will go a long way in moisturising and even reducing sun burns that you may have. It's so gentle that all skin type cuties will benefit from its goodness.

As a facemask:

This hack is the easiest of all! You can apply a thick layer of this gel all over your face and neck and leave it on for 15-20mins. Wash off to experience smooth, hydrated and supple skin. Face mask sesh? Done!

As a hair mask:

This magical succulent is loaded with antimicrobial and antiinflammatory properties that will quell dandruff and soothe an irritated scalp. Just apply a handful (more the better) to your strands and scalp and leave it on a hair mask for 30-40mins. Rinse off. 

Pro tip : You can even add this to your shampoo and use it as you normally would for a moisture boost!

As a shaving gel and after shave

You can replace your shaving cream with aloe vera gel (before you start shaving) and post shaving as a moisturizer to calm the mild cuts and burns.

As a cracked heel moisturizer:

Massage this green wonder on your cracked heel directly and save the goodness by wearing socks. Leave them overnight and wait for your dry heels to help them calm down and feel soft. 

Such a multitasker! While you are preparing to start with your favorite hack we have just the right cutie for you. The Hello Aloe Just gel. It's suitable for all skin types and hair types. Loaded with almost 94% of pure aloe vera juice and rose extracts (natural hydrators) this cutie is completely fragrance-free and is now available in even a pump for quick and easy use.   

Aloe Vera Gel

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