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Salon at home: Chamomile & White Tea

Salon at home Chamomile & White Tea

There was a time when our route to de-tanned skin was very simple. We used to go to salons, get ourselves some luxurious facials, and came back with de-tanned, flushed & soft skin. Under the current circumstances, everything has changed and as much as we miss being treated like royalty we cannot deny that our skin needs to be loved the same way and we still deserve bright, soft & healthy skin. So, this week, take some time off, shop for these skin brightening plums, and give yourself a spa at home.

Get glowing with chamomile & white tea. But before you jump in, we want you to get into the feel of it.
Tie up your hair, wear your comfy-est PJs, and put on your fav music. It’s Spa Time!

At-home de-tan facial, the Plum way <3

Route to glowy & de-tanned skin


Cleansing with Chamomile & White Tea Face Wash
It cannot be emphasized enough, you need to clean your face at least twice a day. Every dirt particle, makeup should be completely wiped off so you get a fresh clean slate to work upon for the further steps.

Exfoliate with Chamomile & White Tea Face Scrub
Once you have a clean face to work upon, you can exfoliate with the help of our scrub to remove dead skin, suntan, blackheads, and whiteheads. It will make your skin super smooth, dirt-free.
Bonus tip: Use steam before you exfoliate for better results! :’)

Mask up with Chamomile & White Tea Face Mask
After the dirt removal process, your skin will need some moisturization and nourishment. A mask contains several nourishing agents like white tea leaf extracts, licorice root extract, and 5 hyper-antioxidant leaf extracts to give you glowy and plumpy skin

Toning with Chamomile & White Tea
Now that your face has absorbed the nutrients and goodness of our chamomile and white face mask. You need to lock it all up with this toner. Take a cotton pad and pour a little bit of toner on it and dab it all over your face. Goodness locked 🔒

Moisturize with Chamomile and White Tea Morning Dew Day Cream
Cleansing and steaming tend to dry out your skin thus it does need a soothing moisturizer to cheer up your skin. All you need to do is take a small amount of moisturizer and apply it all over your face using your fingertips. And tada! Happy nourished skin! <3

An absolute must for all every day. The SPF 50 & PA+++ formula protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays. It is a perfect blend of antioxidants that helps your skin fight the harmful effects of UV from within. Bonus? No white cast

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