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Protect your lips from sun damage

 Protect your lips from sun damage

We all are vigilantly looking out to guard our skin against skincare’s more famed villain : the sun! But more often than not we skip guarding our lips against it. A lip balm with SPF is a ‘must tag along’ partner with your sunscreen. Lets not forget, lips are a part of skin too and while we are religiously trying to make them feel soft, it's important to shield from damaging sun rays too. 

Why UV protected lip care?

You are already a SPF pro and ardent lover for lip balms, then why not pack the best lip balm with natural UV protection?

What's sun-sensitivity?

The skin on your lips is thin, delicate and constantly exposed. Choosing a lip care with natural UV protection will provide adequate protection from UV rays. The need to keep your lips at bay from sun stems from the fact that lips are thinner and have less melanin making it susceptible to burning and overlooked skin cancer.

What ingredients should lip balms have?

Lip balms that rely on chemical sunscreen ingredients should be replaced with lip care that has natural sources to retain moisture, hydrate and soothe your lips. If you wish to have the oh-so-dreamy-dewy-soft-supple lips , not only getting lip care that is deliciously loaded with fruity treats can help you but it should also be supplemented with a diet plan which is loaded with fruits and veggies. Going for lip balms that have natural ingredients to hydrate while delivering natural sun protection is a lip smacking duo! Plum’s candy melts are loaded with the goodness of carrot seed oil and other plant based oils like olive oil.  Carrot seed oil (not to be confused with carrot oil) is an excellent source of vitamin A that deeply nourishes your lips and repairs any sun damage. This oil is cold pressed from carrot seeds and  has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that prevents sunburn and also acts as a skin lightening agent. Such a multitasker! It keeps your lips soft and helps keep chapped lips at bay. Candy melts are also loaded with cocoa butter extracts that add extra nourishment to your lips by creating a hydrating protective layer against extreme temperatures and indoor heat (say bye bye to chapped lips).


What are lip care routine tips?

Apart from keeping a lip balm handy and applying everytime they feel dry and undernourished , it is important to note that lips also need exfoliation. You can do so with a wet napkin or a toothbrush while gently exfoliating the dead skin away. 

How many times should you apply a lip balm?

You need to be coating your favorite juicy lip care every 2 hours (for them to do a good job).

Now that you are armed with all the necessary weapons against UV rays, march ahead and set a reminder for application (whether indoors or outdoors). 

Our cult favorite candy melts come loaded with fruity and yummy ingredients with a formula that not only protects but provides extreme moisturising to keep you going through multiple cups of coffee (without reapplying).

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