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A step closer to sustainability with Plum

A step closer to sustainability with Plum

Everyday we make a choice, right from the food we eat to the transportation we use. These choices drive what we call climate and the changes that it entails. Climate change is nothing but the impact we leave on the environment with what we do in our day-to-day life.

However, people have started to come to terms with the idea of being sustainable to protect Earth for future generations and reduce their own environmental footprint to leave more room for wild animals, plants and fellow beings.

If you are wondering how you can take your first step on this journey of sustainability, your quest ends here.

Green your home

Everything good starts at home, therefore, by utilizing less energy right at home, you help to reduce carbon emissions. There are various ways you can take tiny steps to save energy at home, including turning off standby appliances, reducing the use of heating appliances and hanging clothes to dry as compared to using a drier.

Go paperless

To avoid wasting paper, pledge to get as many things possible over email and print off the necessary documents only. You could likewise request the shops to email you your receipt instead of printing it off. Do not hesitate to go all DIY and reuse paper in the best way possible to make your house aesthetic and your life sustainable.

Donate what’s not necessary

If you don’t use a product or wear a piece of clothing any longer, give it to charitable trusts or NGOs or someone you know would make good use of it to help reduce waste. Sometimes, things that you consider as waste can be useful for someone else, so make it a habit to help the needy.

Be water wise 

You can save water in and around your house by making tiny changes in your lifestyle. It can be taking shorter showers, fixing leaky toilets, and choosing low-flow appliance options. To go all out, put used water in your house to some good use. One could be to use the water used in the kitchen for watering your tiny indoor plants.

While all the above efforts count and will bring positive change one day at a time, it is not to be denied that while recycling has become part of a modern lifestyle, an unsettling fact still remains: 91% of plastic is not recycled

To solve this problem to an extent and make Plumsters feel good about their small efforts, we took a step ahead and launched the Empties4Good initiative, an act in which we make it easier and rewarding to actually recycle your plum empties. This is done when you send your empties to us, and we connect it further to a verified recycler. But the process doesn’t end here! To make you feel good even about your empty plum bottles and the change you aspire to bring around we reward you with Rs. 50 in shopping credits on

We encourage switching to reusable plastic bottles, jars or cans as it becomes an easy way to eliminate use of plastics. Therefore, make sure to reuse plastic items as many times as possible before binning them to reduce waste. Remember there’s always more you can do to take part in the green movement and make a change in this world.

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