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Vitamin E: Say goodbye to dry skin!

Vitamin E: Say goodbye to dry skin!

To get your facts clear, Vitamin E doesn’t comprise of a single vitamin but rather is a composition of multiple fat-soluble vitamins that have antioxidant effects on your skin by combating the effects of free radicals which are produced by the toxins in the environment. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient that is found in some foods like green vegetables, seeds, nuts and hence it has been a popular ingredient in skincare products for years now. To make it crisp and easy, Vitamin E is no less than a magic potion for your skin.  The structure of this Vitamin is known to penetrate much deeper into the skin and repair the skin from within by destroying all the moisture barriers. It protects the skin from different adverse effects caused by oxidative stress.

Here are a few Vitamin E benefits for dry skin type among the pool of all the goodness that it can give <3 

Reduces wrinkles and dark spots

Being in the sun for a long time can make the skin look dark or burnt in patches and thereby dull. Some other conditions that can be found are of hyperpigmentation which eventually leads to skin looking dull, rough and unhealthy. Vitamin E effectively moisturizes and nourishes the skin and adds that extra glow while improving the blood circulation.

Slows down the skin-ageing process

Skin-ageing is a gradual process that happened with age and time. However, it speeds up with the free radicals in the surroundings and the UV rays that are at times unavoidable. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that are quite effective in maintaining skin health and reduce dullness and saggy skin only to make your skin look youthful and firm.

Helpful in treating mild psoriasis 

Dry skin is often attacked with other dermal issues like itchiness and infections which thereby leads to cases of Psoriasis. Vitamin E is believed to treat mild psoriasis by moisturizing the pores of the skin deep from within and prevent or treat dry or flaky skin. 

Treats stretch marks

Stretch marks are the scariest part in one’s life. They don’t hurt physically but are the ones which definitely degrade your confidence and refrain you from wearing things you might love the most. However, application of Vitamin E oil works miraculously to lighten and reduce stretch marks.

The one stop shop for all your skin’s Vitamin E needs

To work on all the above mentioned dry skin problems, the E-Luminence Dry Skin Range by Plum Goodness is here at your service. You can gently cleanse with a cleansing balm, tone your skin with the alcohol-free toner & moisturize with the ultra-nourishing cream. To top it all, use the power-packed serum to lock in the goodness. All you need to do is apply tiny dots of the product all over your face - a little is enough. With short, quick strokes, apply the serum or cream with your fingertips. Tap lightly with fingertips to allow the product to sink in better. Wait 3 minutes or more for your skin to absorb the goodness.

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