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5 reasons why Plum says no to fairness creams

Hi there! You must be thinking we're crazy. Which skin care brand that's serious about the Indian market says no to fairness creams? After all, fairness creams account for over half of the skin care market in India. Well, we've got to admit we're a bit crazy. Crazy about what Plum stands for, and about how we think a well-meaning business should be run in a country like India. Read on to find out why Plum says no to fairness creams.


Reason 1: Natural, healthy skin is also the most beautiful.

One of the core beliefs of Plum (Plum's "first law of goodness"  - watch full video here), is that people look the prettiest in their natural skin provided it is healthy, and hence glowing. As Oscar Wilde said, "Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken".


Reason 2: Don't mess with natural biochemistry

The biochemistry of skin is very complex, and not fully understood. Plum believes in protecting, nourishing and repairing the skin using natural means, without the use of harmful chemicals. Messing with biochemistry to appear artificially "whiter"? Don't like. Skin is pigmented for a reason, and keeping pigmentation artificially suppressed is not doing your skin any favors.


Reason 3: Say no to harmful chemicals

So here's the thing. How many of you actually think ayurvedic is actually all natural? Or something that's called natural actually is? Get the facts here. Plum has a clear set of guidelines on what goes in, and what stays out - you can read Plum's ingredient philosophy here. We don't think bleaches and other "get white quick" schemes meet those criteria. To tell you the truth, we didn't even think it worth to check if they do.


Reason 4: Good sun protection gets you there

It's not as if Plum say no to all chemicals. Good quality sun creams (read our primer on sun protection here) using safe sunscreens (Plum does not use PABA) prevent excessive tanning and development of dark spots. That's more than half the battle won, without having to suppress melanin artificially. Plum has a range of SPF 20 and SPF 30 products which are especially designed for Indian weather. Any higher SPF is unnecessary, as you can see in our sun care 101.


Reason 5: Respect diversity

We seriously think that it's high time India (and Asia) moved past their obsession with fair skin. Thinking of and portraying dark-skinned people as losers is so medieval! A modern, progressive, liberal society cannot come about if we harbour such prejudices in our hearts and minds. As a brand that was founded with "Respect" as one of its four core values, Plum has resolved to never launch a skin whitening product.


Delightful goodness

Delightful goodness from safe, natural and life-friendly ingredients. That's what Plum stands for. And fairness creams do not fit that description. Agree/disagree? Let us know what you think  - leave a comment below, or get in touch by email, Facebook or Twitter. Cheers, be good!


What is Plum?

Plum is all about being good - to your skin, to your senses, to others and to the environment. People look the prettiest in the skin they were born in, and Plum uses some of the richest sources of natural nutrients such as sea buckthorn and macadamia, to create delightful skin care products! Without using harmful chemicals like parabens, SLS and phthalates.

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