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How to look office-ready in 7 minutes flat!

Hey there,

One of our lovely Plumsters went through our blog on caring for combination skin and came up with a very interesting query. She wanted to know how to get the perfect office-ready look and how to use makeup for combination skin. And we thought... why not share the answer with each of you lovelies out there in the form of a blog post? 

 So here’s a quick 7-step skin care-cum-makeup guide to get office-ready in 7 minutes FLAT!

(Psst- look out for the #PlumTips in between - you'll love them)

Step 1 -  Cleanse: Cleanse your face with an exfoliating face wash and pat it dry. Time taken - 1 minute.

Step 2: Tone: Splash your face with toner or simply dab with a cotton swab. If you feel slightly uncomfortable after applying toner, just splash your face with water. You can skip this step if your skin feels stretchy after face wash. Alternatively, you could simply dab toner on your T-zone or other oily patches on your face. Time taken: 1 minute

Step 3: Moisturize: Put 8-dots of moisturizer on face and spread it upward-outward. You could skip this step too in summers- would recommend use of a non-greasy serum instead. Time taken: 30 secs.

Step 4: Protect: This is the most important step. Like we’ve been saying in our previous posts, don’t skip the sunscreen. 8 dots, upward-outward spread. Don't forget the neck, arms and feet. If you don’t have separate SPF lotion for the body, use your regular sunscreen. Time taken: 30 secs.

Plum tip:  We all have an old sunscreen which makes our skin super oily and that we’ve used only once but don't feel like throwing away. You could use this sunscreen on your feet. Our feet don't have oil glands so no oily feeling! Plus no-more tan marks around the straps of your footwear!

Step 5: Face and neck makeup:  You can use a BB/CC/DD cream or simply dab loose powder or compact powder on your face after sunscreen application. Use a big powder brush or blush brush. It will give your face an instant matt look. Also, face powder will give you an additional physical sunscreen benefit and is great for sweat control. Time taken: 1 minute

Step 6: Eye makeup:  

  • If your skin feels slightly moist around the eyes, you could dab a little powder around it with puff.
  • Use a kajal or liner- thin or thick- as you like it- to give your eye definition. 
  • Generally eye shadows are not considered appropriate for day-office use. In case you use eye shadow regularly, use it before you apply liner or kajal. 
  • Mascara is generally treated as party-wear. But if you have droopy eyes or age has started showing around your eye, using mascara will make you look up to 5 years younger. Just apply a little on your upper lash, not more than 2-3 swipes.
Time taken: 1 minute

    Plum tip: Gel/clear mascara works wonders for daily use. It gives your eyes an instant lift. Remember don't overdo this step and make it obvious. Just 2-3 swipes. This won’t make the mascara overly visible. At the same time, it will make a difference to the appearance of your eyes.

    Step 7: Lips : Use a lip liner to outline your lip. Then apply lip color.  Time taken: 30 secs.

    Plum tip: Use lip liner to fill your lips before applying lip stick. Most lip liners come in matt shades and have longer staying power. So even if your lipstick fades away, lip colour will stay thanks to the lip liner in the base. Say goodbye to days of blank lips and dark outlines!

    AND you’re all set! Your perfect office look is ready! Put on those shades and strut away to work.

    We’d love to see how your perfect office look turned out. Drop us a line with your #OfficeReadySelfie at You could also WhatsApp it to us at 75064-96604. Better still, post it to our Facebook Page and show all our fans how you nailed the office look!

    Until next time, Ciao!

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