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One kajal pencil can be your on-the-go makeup kit! A makeup artist shows how...

[This is Part 1 of a 2-part series]. 

Hello peoples! A kajal/kohl pencil is every girl's everyday makeup goodie. But if you want to really make an impact and make your eyes speak, you need at least 4-5 more products, like eye shadow and liner, right? WRONG! A professional makeup artist showed us how JUST ONE KAJAL PENCIL can be your whole on-the-go makeup kit! For times when you're getting dressed outside home or when you're travelling for a friend's wedding and don't want to carry too much makeup- one kajal is all you need.

You’ll be surprised how much you can do with one kajal pencil & that too in just 5 minutes. No kidding. In this 2-part series, we’re going to show you 4 KILLER looks created using Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal - the 100% smudge-proof, 100% preservative-free 2-in-1 kajal cum liner. Let's jump right in!

Look #1: The Cat-Eye Look

About the look: This is one look at suits almost all types of face-cuts & eyes. Looks stunning but is actually much simpler to create than you can imagine. 

Here it is, in pictures:


The steps, in detail: 

  1. Draw a line from the outer corner of your eye, moving slightly upward.
  2. Now, continuing with the line, stroke dark outward to inward, such that it looks like a continuous swipe.
  3. You can darken the liner with a second swipe. Or thicken the line if you prefer your liner to be the attention puller on your face. In the picture, I’ve used NaturStudio kajal and since the colour of the kajal is so deep black, a single swipe was enough to achieve this look.
  4. And that’s it! As stylish as it can get and at the same time so effortless!


Look #2: The Eye Shadow Look

About the look: This look comes especially handy when you’re going out and don’t want to carry more than one pencil. YES! You can actually create the look of an eye-shadow with just this kajal pencil. 

Here it is, in pictures:


The steps, in detail:

  1. Create the cat-eye look first (Look #1)
  2. Draw another horizontal line - starting from the end of the wing of the cat-eye-line. You can draw this line somewhat parallel to your brow. That way it’s easier to check if you’re on the right track.
  3. Next, use a smudger brush to smudge the line you just drew in the inward direction. Ensure the line is smudged completely & evenly. It should look darker in the outer region and milder towards the inner region.
  4. Ta-Da! You just got eye shadowed without an eye-shadow!

Tip: Remember to follow step 3 quickly after step 2 if you’re using a smudge-proof kajal like NaturStudio so that the smudging happens evenly. Else, the kajal may settle down and become difficult to smudge.

Both these fab looks can be done in less than 5 minutes! Go ahead and try these out and send in your pictures! We’d love to see the magic you create with NaturStudio and your eyes. And we can't wait to share 2 more killer looks with you in Part 2. Promise that soon!

[UPDATE: Click here for Part 2 of this series!]


The above looks have been designed by professional makeup artist Priyalisa Gonsalves & been showcased by one of our very own Plum People - Rasika :)

Your turn!

Can you get creative with just your kajal pencil? Send us your ideas and we'll be happy to feature them on our blog, and on our Facebook and Instagram feeds as well! And do let us know what you think of these looks - in the comments below!

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