5 at-home skincare tricks for the weekend

At home skincare tips

So, it's a weekend. If you're like most of us, your mind is buzzing with a set of "to-do"s: from buying grocery to paying bills to catching up on articles like this :) But did you know that spending just 20-30 mins on a weekend can help you maintain awesome skin health and appearance for the rest of the week? Read on to find out 5 simple skincare things to do over a weekend. Pick any/all that suit you, and make it a habit. And what's more, you don't have to empty your purse to visit a salon for any of these!


#1: Face Mask

This has to be our No. 1, absolute favorite, screaming no-brainer. Pick a chemical-free mask, and give yourself 20-30 mins of solitude. Masks not only produce immediate visible freshness (due to exfoliation) and hydration, they are also an excellent way of "feeding" antioxidants to your skin. Make this a habit!


#2: Steaming

Clogged pores are the #1 cause of blackheads and acne. A simple 10-min steaming of your face (just plain water, no additives) clears up clogged pores, helps dislodge debris and dead cells and brings freshness to your face. Real simple. Just mind the hot water. 


#3: Switch off, Unplug

Impose a 2-hour no-screen (tablet/smartphone/computer/TV/wearables...) period on the weekend. What's this got to do with skin, you ask? Lots. It de-stresses, focuses your mind on what's important (not what's trending), and gets a sense of balance back into life. A sound mind lives in a beautiful body.


#4: Eye pack

While you are at #3, cool off your eyes with an ice pack (there are several available in the market), or a couple of cucumber slices, or just palm your eyes for a few minutes. Tiredness in the eyes begins to impact your overall appearance rather quickly, and dramatically. Resting your eyes goes beyond just sleeping.


#5: Re-evaluate your regimen

Every once in a while, take a look at your CTMP program and evaluate what you need to add/delete/modify. Make it a habit to go through the ingredient lists of everything you use. Be methodical, think for yourself, and don't believe everything the ads tell you.



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 Cheers, Be Good! 

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