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7 monsoon beauty bag essentials

7 monsoon must-haves in your beauty bag

The first rainfall of the monsoon season is nothing short of pure bliss, washing away the effects of the scorching heat. Just as it’s important to switch up your skincare routine for the summer and winter, it’s a good idea to do so for the monsoon season as well. 

With increased moisture levels in the air, your skin is more prone than usual to a host of bacterial infections and other season-related concerns. All you need is a few tweaks in your skincare essentials to combat the effects of ‘monsoon-skin’.

Here are 7 skincare essentials to stock up on this monsoon season to keep your skin healthy and happy:

1. A gentle and effective cleanser

Gentle Cleanser

Using a gentle and effective cleanser during the monsoon season is absolutely non-negotiable. To get rid of bacterial buildup and to eliminate the dirt and oil trapped in your pores, use a mild and natural cleanser at least twice a day. It will keep your skin feeling clean and healthy.

2. An alcohol-free toner

Alcohol-Free Toner

Follow up your cleanser with an alcohol-free toner that is also enriched with the goodness of vitamins and antioxidants. This helps remove any residual dirt and bacteria on the skin without drying it out and restores the skin with the essential nutrients.

3. A restorative serum

 Serums And Oils

Apply a serum or a concoction of essential oils to your skin before you move on to your moisturizer. This will provide your skin with an added boost of hydration without making it feel greasy.

4. An oil-free moisturizer


Your skin may feel sticky on the surface, but it still needs to be hydrated from deep within. Don’t let your skin fall prey to dehydration during the monsoon. An oil-free moisturizer works best at this time of the year.

5. A detoxifying face mask

Detoxifying Face Mask

The moisture levels in the air cause dirt, oil and bacteria to settle deep inside the pores of your skin. Your skin will need more than just a regular cleanse during the monsoon season, and for that purpose, a deep cleansing face mask works best. Choose a clay mask with the benefits of antioxidants such as green tea. 

6. A non-greasy sunscreen


It may be cloudy or rainy outside, but the UV rays of the sun are still doing as much damage to your skin. To prevent the harmful effects of the UVA rays of the sun, such as premature skin ageing and skin cancer, your skin needs sunscreen every single day. Opt for a matte and stimulating sunscreen formula for the monsoon season.

7. 100% waterproof & smudge proof eye make up

Waterproof & Smudgeproof Kajal

Lastly, an all day long lasting kohl with a waterproof mascara is a must in your monsoon must-haves bag to add the Oomph! factor in your day.

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