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5 things you didn't know a face mist could do!

Face mists do more than refresh!
Face mists have been around for a while, and for those of us who like to travel, they are a must-have in the bag. But beyond the obvious benefits of cooling down and smelling great, did you know that you can also use face mists with your makeup or other skin care and get some really "cool" results? Here are 5 things that a face mist can fix for you - quick & easy!

Get that dewy look

If you use more than one layer of makeup, try spritzing on a face mist between the two layers. It will help the makeup spread better, settle more evenly, and give you that "dewy" look that's soft and sophisticated.


Long hours in airconditioned spaces, or on a flight are sure to dehydrate your skin. Using a facial mist with hydrating and calming ingredients like aloe, glycerin and hyaluronic acid will help your skin retain moisture better, compared to just splashing water on your face.

Use under your SPF

This is an old trick but not used enough. Before applying your day cream or SPF, make sure your face is a little moist. This will help lock in them moisture on to your skin. A face mist is a handy, no-trip-to-the-ladies-room way of making sure your face is ready for the cream. And if your face mist is pumped up with other goodies, that's a double bonus for your skin!

Easier morning makeup

When in a hurry to get ready in the mornings, stubborn makeup that clumps up on your face, and creates patches is every woman's nightmare. Spray on a face mist lightly on your sponge/blender to even out makeup and make it stay longer and without unsightly patches!

Fresher afternoon makeup

So it's 4PM, but there's still a lot of the day to get through. Your makeup ain't looking fresh. The "duh" option: cleanse your face, and start all over again. Smarter option: Spray on some face mist, lightly fill in with your powder compact, and you are good for another round of meetings!

Bonus tip!

Is your eye shadow, compact or face pack jar that you opened a month ago looking drier than you like it? Spritz on some face mist and bring it back to life!

Oh, and avoid these ingredients...

If you see ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or alcohol denat. listed on your mist, AVOID them completely. Alcohol is known to dry out skin, and that's quite the reverse of what we want mists to do.

Got more ideas for "fixes" from that cute little bottle of face mist? Let us know!
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