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4 face oil hacks you never knew about!

Plum face oil hacks

Hiya Plumsters! Here we are at the end of another glorious year! For Plum this has been a phenomenal year, and we hope we continue this streak.

At some point, everyone of us has faced a makeup-product disaster. You know the one we’re talking about! Just minutes before you start getting ready, your lipstick has finished, your mascara has dried up, or you’re out of the makeup remover. As annoying as that is, the solution is quite simple. A face oil. You read that right. A face oil is a versatile product that can be used for much more than deep hydration. Its uses while applying makeup are also many. So, if you’ve got a bottle of face oil lying around, read on to find out how it can be so much more than that.

Face oil as primer:

 Most primers have a heavy dose of silicones in them and they end up creating a mask-like texture on your face. That not only looks heavy but feels heavy. A face oil on the other hand is lightweight and is quickly absorbed in the skin, resulting in a smooth glowing canvas- perfect to be painted on!

Plum face oil as primer

Face oil to dilute dried up foundation

For those of us who use foundations infrequently, we know it often dries up and refuses to come out of the bottle at a time you need it the most! But fear not, as a few drops of face oil is all you need to dilute it. The face oil not only dilutes the foundation, but also adds in extra hydration for people with dry skin. Not to mention the glow that comes along!Plum Face oil to dilute foundation

Face oil to get the blush going:

It’s said that in ancient Egypt, women used a mixture of fat and a red pigment as a blush. Well, if it was good for the Egyptians, it's good for us! If you’re looking for a blush that looks and feels natural, look no further. Mix a few drops of face oil and Kumkum (vermillion red) and blend well. Since face oils are lightweight in texture, this blush looks and feel very natural and can be used daily. You can change the hue, according to your choice, by increasing or decreasing the amount of vermillion.Plum face oil as blush

Face oil for a dewy look:

Ever wondered how to get that dewy look without spending a fortune on expensive products? Well you’re in luck because we have the answer. Although the market is flooded with illuminators, the prices might force you to plan a bank heist! Leave the worry for another day. All you need is a face oil and a shimmery gold/silver eyeshadow. Mix little quantities of both and dot your face with this mixture. Make sure to blend it well on the skin. There you go! Your very own illuminator is ready to use!Plum Face oil as illuminator

Hope you’re ready to maximize the use of that face oil now! If you’ve got more suggestions or doubts, please do let us know!

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