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Can I remove sun tan at home? Yes you can!

de-tanning at home simplified

Love to have fun in the sun but worried about excessive tanning? Don't worry, you can enjoy the sunshine and reverse those nasty tans at home. Here's a simple how-to list for you!

1. Soothe your skin: The first thing you need to do when you get back home after a day out, is to soothe the sunburn. Nothing works better than aloe for this. Apply pure aloe vera gel or an aloe vera moisturizer all over your sunburnt skin to help soothe and relax it.

aloe vera gel

2. Scrub dead skin away: Once your skin is soothed & settled, it's time to slough off the top layer of dead skin (and some tanned skin). But wait - don't be overambitious! Trying to physically scrub off a tan completely isn't a good idea. Using a gentle scrub that is infused with the right ingredients is the best way to prep your skin for the next step, which is slightly deeper. 

3. Apply a deep cleansing mask: This one's mainly for facial tan. Use a face mask (some of us call it face pack) once a week for deep cleansing and exfoliation. Exfoliation thoroughly cleanses your skin and works to clear up surface-level tan. 

4. Brighten the skin with Vitamin C: No serious de-tanning regime is complete without the very essential Vitamin C. Lotions or creams with Vitamin C can be applied on the tanned area. Glycolic acid, retinoic acid and green tea extracts are also great de-tanning agents as they help control oxidation and help regenerate fresh skin.

5. Protect your skin with SPF: Do this even if your skin has already been tanned, to prevent further tanning. Tanning is only one of the many effects of sun damage. To prevent the more long-term and harmful effects of sun damage, make sure to use a lotion that contains SPF and offers complete sun protection. Remember to reapply this lotion to your skin every couple of hours.

There you are! Here's to healthy, happy summer skin that soaks in the sunshine, leaves out harmful UV rays and also gives those nasty sunburns a complete miss! Happy Summers 😊

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