Love Plum kajal but not sure which one is for you? Take this 10 second quiz - we'll tell you which one's best suited for you!

The 10 second kajal selection guide

Kajal or Kajal+Liner? A kajal is worn mainly on the lower lash water-line. A liner is more versatile.
I'm a Classic Kajal person
I prefer a 2-in-1 Kajal + Liner

Do your eyes burn or water easily while applying kajal?
Not really. But I want something really safe for my eyes
Yes. I have very sensitive eyes

Easy to remove or long-stay?
All kajals stay/fade equally on my eyes. No preference, really
About 5-6 hour stay and something that also comes off easily
I want smudge-proof, water-proof kajal. No compromise here

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