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Why have a separate section for Plum Ingredients, you ask?

Because not only do we not take pride in our product formulations but we also think our consumers deserve to know what’s going on their skin, body, or hair. We also like to think of ourselves as your skin’s unofficial security officers and follow a disciplined process to keep it from harm’s way.

Creating Goodness - the Plum way, is a really simple process of,
Step1. Picking rich, natural ingredients that can do good to your skin (the goodies)
Step2. Using only scientifically proven ingredients that are 100% vegan*, and safe beyond doubt

Watch Eric from Goodness Labs talk about how we choose what gets in, and what stays out of Plum. So that you can stay safe, and be good!


In our full list of goodies used in Plum products, you will notice that there are some synthetic compounds as well in this list. Two things - we don't lie about everything being 100% natural, and secondly, we are 100% sure of the safety of the ingredients we use - both natural & synthetic.

 There’s a hoard of chemicals we DO NOT use in any of our products. First up, all our products are 100% vegan as we do not use any animal-derived ingredients. Nor do we test our products on animals.

Besides, there's a list of other cosmetic ingredients we say no to. Why? Because some of them are proven bad for health, and some of them are extremely suspect when it comes to their safety - the jury is still out on them. We keep reviewing this list to make sure Plum stays good.

Read our blogs on parabens, phthalates and SLS to know why we chose to leave these out. You can always contact us with your questions and comments.

P.S. Do make it a habit to read the ingredient list of anything you buy - use our
one minute guide to ingredient lists to learn the basics.

*Plum is a PETA certified vegan & cruelty free brand which means we never have & never will use animal-derived ingredients