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5 Early morning beauty hacks

Need some quick relief from dark circles? Or a morning skincare routine for great skin? Find these (and more!) here. 

1. How Can I Handle Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles?

It may not be possible to make dark circles disappear instantly. Preventing them is the best solution. But here are some measures that can give some immediate relief and also reduce these issues over time.

Puffy Eyes:

  apply ice-packs to the area affected by dark circles

Ice Packs: Apply ice-packs to the affected area-keep them on for around 10 minutes.

 keep cucumbers on the affected area for around 10 minutes

Sliced Cucumbers: Or, instead of ice-packs, put sliced cucumbers over the area for 10 minutes. Refrigerated cucumbers are a good idea too.

Dark Circles:

Follow the above tips to reduce irritation, if any. 

 apply a cream for dark circles if it helps you

Using Creams for Dark Circles: Use a specialized cream for dark circles, if it helps.

Note: But make sure the cream does not contain ingredients that can be harmful or irritating for you! Read and understand the ingredients, at least the first few before picking it.

use concealers or eyeliners effectively to help with dark circles

Concealing Dark Circles: Eyeliners and concealers can be used effectively to conceal dark circles or to make them appear less prominent.

2. How Can I Manage Messy Hair in the Morning?

    The main issue with hair-across different hair types seems to be tangles and the simple solution is gentle combing.

    comb or brush hair gently to remove tangles

    Gently Removing Tangles: Comb/brush hair gently,till you’ve removed all or most of your tangles.

    tie up your hair so it doesn't get in your way

    Tying up Hair: Tie up your hair-so that it doesn’t fall on your face or get in your way while you’re getting ready.

    Other tips:

    Here are some things you can do during the week to keep your hair in good condition:

    • Oil hair regularly during the week
    • Keep your combs and hair brushes clean
    • If you use hair sprays or other products to set hair, make sure they’re not harming/troubling your hair in any way and that their ingredients are safe for your use.
    • Don’t over use such products-even if they are safe. Use according to the recommended frequency.

      3. What Face Care Routine Can I Follow in the Morning?

       cleanse face using a good, mild face wash that suits your skin type

      Cleansing: Cleanse your face twice a day! Once in the morning, once in the evening-to get rid of the dirt your face may have accumulated during the day.

       tone: use a non-astringent, alcohol-free toner

      Toning: Use a toner immediately after your face wash. It’s a good idea to include a toner in your routine to shrink pores and tighten up skin. Follow it up with moisturizer.

        moisturize regularly everyday

      Moisturizing: A very important step to keep skin hydrated and nourished. Also, apply sunscreen just before stepping out of the house to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, which are present in all seasons, not just summer. 

      Product Checklist

      • face wash/cleanser-a good, mild one that suits your skin type
      • toner- non-astringent with no harmful chemicals
      • moisturizer-one that suits your skin type
      • sunscreen (if you’re stepping out)-for all seasons, even winter!

      4) How Important is Breakfast for My Skin?

        a healthy breakfast is a great way to ensure your skin looks younger for longer

       Not Skipping Breakfast: Carbohydrates = energy for the day and fruits/vegetables/glass of water (over the long-term) = smoother, younger looking skin! Don't want to miss out on that, do we?

      5) Any One Tip I Can Use to Ensure Great Skin?

      Yes, there is!

        ensure adequate water intake for great skin

      Drinking Enough Water: Lack of moisture in your skin can cause it to look older and drier over the long term. It is usually recommended to have one glass of water first thing in the morning. Consult your doctor or dermatologist and observe your own lifestyle to know the ideal water intake for you.

      Hope that helped :)  Stay happy, stay awesome!

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