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After-party skin care: 5 quick must-dos

Wish the party had lasted longer, don't you? But like all good things, parties have come to an end. And even as you go about getting back to "normal" life, there are some simple things you must do to take care of your skin and restore it back to full health...and get ready for the next one! Here are the top 5 from that list - quick, simple and easy - and they will go a long way in ensuring healthy, radiant skin even as you party away!

#1: Cleanse - quickly, and thoroughly

Yeah, I know. The only thing you want to do after returning from a party is to fling your shoes away and crash on the nearest flat surface. But hey, wait. Sweat, grime, makeup and smoke (second-hand, too) are a dangerous mix to leave on your face, especially while you are asleep. As quickly after the party as possible, use a makeup remover to get away the makeup and grime first, and then use a gentle face wash to lather away any remaining impurities. And if required (and you have the patience), slather on your favorite day or night cream. And then sleep easy. Your face is going to thank you for it!

#2: Hydrate your body & skin

Alcohol (if you drink), salty foods, sugary drinks - standard fare at any party? Each of these has a dehydrating effect on your body and skin. Too little water will end up making your skin look shriveled and lifeless. That typical day-after-the-party dryness we feel on our face is exactly this. For several days after a party, and in general, drink lots and lots of water, and keep your skin moisturized from the outside, too. Good hydration is the starting point for better-looking skin.

#3: Anti-oxidise!

Free radicals abound in the party atmosphere - of the molecular variety, I mean. Simply put, free radicals are the #1 cause of oxidation, which in turn causes ageing, dark spots and other problems. Pile up on antioxidants in your food and skin care regime. Nuts, berries, bright-colored fruits and vegetables - these are some excellent sources of antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and keep you protected. You should include antioxidants in your food, as well as in your skin care regime! Catch our post on antioxidants to get to know these wonder molecules better.

#4: Sleep

Late-nights are cool, sort of. Bags under your eyes when you're too young for them - not cool. The body does have a mechanism to adjust sleep deprivation for short periods of time, but not for too long. Don't carry forward your sleep deficit beyond 4-5 days. Make sure you rest body and mind and give them a chance to jump back to their natural cycles. Sleep deprivation affects not only the skin but also the body in many, many ways - so making up for lost sleep is an absolute no-brainer on this list.

#5: Pack it up!

Regular readers of our blog would've seen this one before, and it's not without reason that a face pack almost always features on our to-do list. A natural face pack is an excellent combination of exfoliation, nourishment and hydration, and it doesn't take much time - once a week is just good enough. Make sure you pick a mask that suits your skin type and follow a once-a-week regime. An absolute must, must-do, especially if you've been partying hard.

So there we go - 5 simple, after-party tricks to keep you in good shape for the next one :) Have fun, be good!